Wallet labeled The Serial Killer, is a contestant in Object Terror and it's two reboots. He was a team captain for both the original series and the first reboot and won the original series.


He is really hated in OT. He makes terrible jokes and everyone hates him, he was placed in the Bouncy Busses. And he's a killer.


Kings of Parkour

Wallet told a joke to Biscuit. Biscuit punched him. He was put up for elimination in the challenge.

A Diamond Heist

Wallet is safe in the elimination with 60 likes and 145 dislikes, and he was the last one chosen by Skittle, and Wallet said he was gonna kill her (and Plug) At the challenge, he stole the artifacts in the museum. He got thrown in jail along with TrowelBeer, and Cactus.

P to the Fourth

Wallet is free to go from jail, then Road Sign threw a brick at him and then he got eliminated with 310 dislikes.

A Perplexing Massacre

Wallet Is Mentioned When Cactus Is Eliminated Caucus Says "How can I get more votes than Wallet?" Other than that wallet isn't talked about again for the rest of the episode.


  • Wallet and Road Sign are the only contestants to be on all three eras of Object Terror.


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