Trowel labled The Jerk is male contestant in two reboots of Object Terror


Trowel appears to be a garden trowel with a yellow handle with a small blade.In Episodes 1-2 he has a thick yellow handle his heel brown his blade appears to be more detailed.In his Current design his handle and heel is more thinner and his blade is more detailed same for his handle


Trowel is a jerk, he likes to prank and bully Arch. he sometimes acts childish when he actually is as revealed in 2nd Chapter of the 5th Episode. He is also schemer but his plans usually backfires. he will do anything to get what he wants.He is a homosexual as also revealed in Episode 5 Chapter 2.


  • In the second chapter of "Kiloto the Minoto," Trovel revealed that he is two years old.
    • This may have been a montage to the first reboot, the era he debuted in, since by the time the second chapter of "Kiloto the Minoto" came out, the first reboot's first episode, "Parkour Idioticy" is two years old.