"Kings of Parkour" is the first episode of the Object Terror 2nd reboot.


  • The episode was originally called "Uncalled for Atrocities" but the name was changed due to the original title being the title of episode one of the show "Unstable Objects."


  • Multiple walking glitches.
  • In the scene with Carpet and Magazine, Carpet says "Am I not hot enough to be your girlfriend?" "Girlfriend" should be "boyfriend," since Carpet is a male.
    • The creator seems to notice this mistake, because during that line, a guy appears with a sign saying "Does this mean Carpet is a girl? :O"
  • The water in this episode moves weirdly.
  • When Arch is climbing out of the water, the sun is layered over the mountain.
  • Skittle's gradient shine is partly on the ground when she opens her mouth to eat the Skittles.
  • The oil spill doesn't seem to appear from a source. It just so happens to appear from thin air.
  • Computer's voice changes throughout the episode.
  • When Printer slaps Computer, the punch hit sound plays as if he punched him.
  • Computer's face is flat, and cannot be skewed.
  • When Printer moves his arm around in a circle before the intro plays, only his hand is seen once the arm gets onto his body.
  • Printer's face is also skewed even though where it appears is flat.
  • In the first scene he appears in, El Nudelo Spider only has three legs instead of four.
  • El Nudelo Spider is incorrectly larger in size.
  • Printer says last too many times.
  • When the parkour course explodes, the background proportions becomes off.